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There are so many different types of health care clinics. One common type is urgent care clinics. Often located in suburban and rural areas, these clinics are meant to offer care for situations that are urgent, but that don't really necessitate an emergency room visit. Another type is women's health clinics, which offer screening for breast cancer, along with other basic gynecological care. This is just scratching the surface on the topic of health care clinics. We have a lot more information to share, which is why we wrote an entire blog on the topic. We'll keep adding to it as long as you keep reading.



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Ways That Taping Can Help A Hand Issue

People can develop all sorts of issues with their hands and wrists, resulting in a lengthy list of challenges. Various issues in this part of your body can affect your ability to work and even diminish your quality of life. If you have a hand issue, it's a good idea to seek help from a specialist. Your local hand clinic employs a number of physiotherapists who are specifically trained to help people recover from hand problems. There are all sorts of treatment methods that you can explore, including taping. In this type of treatment, your physiotherapist will strategically apply strips of one or more types of tape to certain areas of your hands. Here are some ways that taping can help a hand issue.

Pain Reduction

Taping can be a valuable tool in pain management. Depending on the type of hand problem you're experiencing, you may find that moving your hand in certain positions causes sharp pain. In this situation, your hand physiotherapist may apply several strips of tape that prevent you from moving your hand into the problematic position. Being unable to move your hand in the way that causes pain will allow you to get through your day without the pain that has been bothering you.

Faster Healing

Taping can also increase blood flow to a specific area. Blood flow is instrumental in healing from an injury. For certain types of hand injuries, your therapist may want to see if they can speed up the healing process through taping. They'll put a few strips of tape around the site of the injury and have you monitor how things feel in the coming days. You'll often find that you'll be able to recover from the injury faster than if you weren't using tape to treat it.

Injury Prevention

It's possible that you've had a hand injury that has healed to some degree, but that you're concerned about reaggravating the injury. When you bring this concern to the attention of your hand physiotherapist, they may decide to tape the affected part of your hand. Doing so will allow the injury to continue to heal while lowering the risk of you reaggravating it. Once the injury has fully healed and you've regained your strength, you should be able to remove the tape and use your hand normally once again. To learn about how taping can help a hand injury, contact a local hand physiotherapy service.